Great to Meet You

Hello!  My Name is Elizabeth Ray! I'm a photographer, painter, and hoping to one day call myself a jeweler.  My work centers around creation. I'm drawn to natural forms and patterns. I'm interested in the way rocks form, the movement of flowing pigment,  the layering of sunlight across a dewdrop. I'm fascinated by light and color. I believe we are part of a divine process and we are as unique  and intricate as the patterns on our fingertips

As a child I was always tuned into flowers,  doodle bugs in the backyard,  beach crabs, shells stones.  I got into photography in college and light and color became this world that I plugged into intensly.  I shot weddings and portraits for 10 years but I found my peace in the quiet calm of nature.  I left that 10 year career to follow this path of artistic connection with these colors and patterms.  I'm pushing forward with capturing, discovering, and creating new art by tapping into this well of pure love.  
I sell prints on etsy,  paintings locally in new orleans, and art liscening around the globe! 

Celebrate the Beauty of this world with me


While Haus of Shine is mainly for my artistic endeavors and decor portfolio,  I do have a
Commercial Photography site:
{weddings, portraits, product, food, family photography}
My work has been featured in VOGUE and published across a number of wedding photography platforms!
I occasionaly take on a few commercial projects per year.